Team Bath Athletic Club

Cotswold Way Relay


Dog Inn, Old Sodbury

Stage 9


Cold Ashton


16:20 hrs


14.8 km




Male     00:56:14
Female 01:04:07


Ascent   240
Descent 148


Cut-Off:      1 hrs 45 mins
No-Runner: 1 hrs 57 mins


Start Point

Dog Inn in Old Sodbury, on the South side of the main road.

Please be sure to arrive a reasonable period of time before the start for registration, preparation and briefing. The race will start without you.


Finish Point

Just above the A46 on the Cold Ashton (East) side of the road.



In Old Sodbury, parking is not exactly plentiful, but generally cars tend to accumulate down Chapel Lane, but please, only with consideration to the residents who think its an alien invasion. You may end up at least 5 minutes walk back to the Dog Inn so allow time.


In Cold Ashton, we need to take car of the local residents and not strangulate their small village, whilst taking care not to interfere with heavy and fast traffic on the A46. There is some hard-standing by the turn-off into Greenway Lane, but as space is really tight here, please park with great consideration, to allow us to squeeze as many cars in as possible. There is a fair bit of grass around the junction - get well off the A46 - 4x4s will do well here!


Do not park in Greenway Lane. Take great care on the grass verges of the A46. I have seen some farcical parking here before in view of the danger to yourselves and to A46 traffic. This is not a good location to leave cars for subsequent collection, so please get someone else to drive your car onwards. The grass verge of the small road running North from the finish will accomodate about 20 cars.


Ideally you will get here in plenty of time and drive to the pub on the A420 (250m East of the A420 / A46 roundabout) where there is a sizeable car park, and jog through the pretty village to and from the finish. This is the safest, easiest and most considerate option.


Race Profile

Doddington and Dyrham Parks make great backdrops. A gentle and mid-length run. Not too stressy, although the climb in the wood is testing.

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